Saturday, March 16, 2013

Steven Stayner and Kenneth Parnell True Story

 Steven Stayner Timeline

December 4, 1972: Steven Stayner, age7, is abuducted by Kenneth Parnell.

1981: Kenneth Eugene Parnell stands trial in the kidnapping of Steven Stayner and Timmie White. He was sentenced to 7 years. He served only 5 years.

May 1989: The miniseries "I Know My First Name is Steven" aires. Steven Stayner states of the movie: "I just want to get it over with," Stayner said in an interview. "As soon as the movie comes out, the reporters will come back. It will never go away."

September 1989: Steven Stayner dies in motorcycle accident. The driver of the car left the scene. Steven Stayner's mother states: "it feels like he was loaned to us."

September 21, 1989: Steven's funeral is held. 500 people attend. A friend of Stayner's states: he can't be hurt anymore now.

September 20, 1989: Antonio Loera, 28, is arrested in the hit and run accident that killed Steven Stayner. He surrendered to police as he was crossing the border from Mexico back into the U.S. He was working as a tomato packer in California at the time of the accident. He is finally sentenced to 3 months in jail and given 1 year probation.

January 8, 1990: It is reported that Kenneth Parnell was seeking work in Berkley, California, after leaving his job at a teen rehabilitation center in Oakland after he was exposed after his presence was made known on television.

December 27, 1990: Steven Stayner's uncle Jesse is found murdered in his home in Merced. His death would later be linked to Cary Stayner years later.

December 1990: Steven Stayner's widow, Jody, filed a wrongful death suit against the city due to the conditions of the road the evening that Steven was killed.

December 8, 1991: The book on Steven Stayner's life is released.

July 25, 1999: Steven Stayner's brother, serial killer Cary Stayner, was arrested and convicted in the deaths of 4 Yosemite women. He had other deaths linked to him as well. Cary Stayner plead not guilty by reason of insanity. According to his lawyers, Cary suffered from mental illness and sexual abuse. He was found sane. He now sits on  California's Death Row. (read more info about his crimes here)

A photo of Cary Stayner brother of Steven Stayner

2003: Up until this point Kenneth Parnell continued on with his life. He lived for quite sometime at 2630 Mathews Street in Berkeley, California. According to sources he continued to have boys visiting his home, and he kept things like candy and toys all around. However, in 2003 he was arrested for trying to convince a person sitting after him to buy him a young boy. The caretaker knew his track record and decided to tell police. He was caught negotiating the purchase of  the little boy and was promptly arrested.

2004: In very poor health, Kenneth Parnell was convicted for trying to buy a 4 year old boy.

2008: Kenneth Parnell dies in prison of natural causes at age 76.

April 2010: Little Timmie White aka Timothy White died of a pulmonary embolism. He was 35 years old and working as a Sherrif's Deputy at the time.